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MonsterTalk is the science show about monsters—a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves. Hosted by Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow.

Dec 31, 2020

It's been a rough year but we've high hopes for 2021. Hope to see you there. 

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Dec 26, 2020

Ryan Haupt joins us to discuss the strange case of "the Loveland frog." 



Hot Damn! It's the Loveland Frog! A musical based on the Loveland Frog

Hell Comes to Frogtown (1988) post-apocalyptic movie with Rowdy Roddy Piper

Ryan Haupt podcast Science...Sort Of

Skeptoid on Loveland Frog

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Dec 24, 2020

Turn down the lights and settle in for a nautically themed classic ghost tale from Francis Marion Crawford. A dull dinner party gets quite lively when one of the guests shares the story of the time he had a ghostly encounter on a transatlantic crossing.

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Dec 14, 2020

Blake and Karen talk with Laura Krantz, host of the podcast Wild Thing, about season two of her show which deals with UFOs, SETI, and more and features interviews with scientists and researchers looking into these topics.

Wild Thing at

The Cult of Alien Gods: H.P. Lovecraft and Extraterrestrial Pop...

Nov 29, 2020

Author Sarah Scoles joins us to discuss her amazing book They Are Already Here: UFO Culture and Why We See Saucers.  It's a terrific ride through UFO culture and the fallout from the 2017 New York Times front-page article about the US Government Program to examine unidentified objects in the sky.