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MonsterTalk is the science show about monsters—a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves. Hosted by Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow.

Mar 20, 2021

We are joined by entertainer Jon Culshaw to talk about the influential children's book UFOs, (affiliate link) part of the Usborne "World of the Unknown" series that was recently reissued.  Jon brings his love of the mysterious and his uncanny ability to do voice impressions as we talk about how UFOs were presented in the 1970s, the wonders of space, and - of course - Doctor Who.

Jon's got a Wikipedia page! In addition to his work on Dead Ringers and BBC Radio adaptations of Doctor Who, Jon will soon be taking to the stage in an adaptation of Bill Bryson's Notes from a Small Island. 


BBC Out of this World (1977) segments mentioned are available on YouTube:

Orange Light 

Nordic Aliens 

I've added a couple of articles by the original author of the UFO book, Theodore Mather Wilding-White, from his 1970s stint as a journalist covering Space.  Also, I attached a contemporary review of the book.