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Creationists Review-Bombing "We Believe in Dinosaurs"

Aug 31, 2020

You may recall our recent episode on the documentary We Believe in Dinosaurs.  It was pointed out to me that the Amazon reviews for the movie are being 1-star review bombed by creationists who are angry about the film as a "hit piece."   Personally, I enjoyed the documentary and found it to be - if anything - more balanced towards giving the Ark Encounter folks a platform to openly state their agenda than I would have. 

At any rate, if you enjoyed the film and care about communicating fact-based ideas about this contentious (but non-controversial scientifically speaking) topic around how the lines of separation of church and state have been blurred in Kentucky, please take a couple of minutes and give a positive review of the film.  

Let me be clear - I'm not asking anyone to make up a 5-star review unless you've actually seen the movie and feel that it deserves that kind of response.  But it is obvious that a lot of these 1-star reviews are hit jobs from people who didn't even watch the movie.  Unfortunately, Amazon's rating system is simultaneously extremely important to how often a product is recommended and also extremely vulnerable to this kind of negative review tactic.  Your assistance would be much appreciated by the filmmakers.