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MonsterTalk is the science show about monsters—a free audio podcast that critically examines the science behind cryptozoological (and legendary) creatures, such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster, or werewolves. Hosted by Blake Smith and Dr. Karen Stollznow.

Feb 7, 2021

We were joined by paranormal investigator Allison Jornlin on 6/21/2020 for a discussion of women paranormal researchers. A lot of interesting historically significant figures are largely unknown today because they were limited by gender constraints during their time and we were happy to bring some of them to public attention by discussing Allison's research on this topic.

Some of the people discussed:

Zora Neale Hurston (1891 - 1960) - author, anthropologist and filmmaker. She studied many topics including folklore and wrote a book about Voodoo in Jamaica and Haiti titled Tell My Horse: Voodoo and Life in Haiti and Jamaica (1938).


Catherine Crowe - researcher who brought Poltergeist and Doppelganger into English usage. The Night Side of Nature (book)


Eleanor Sidgwick - the statistician of the paranormal. Phantasms of the Living 

Alexandra David-NĂ©el - the woman who gives us "the Tulpa" as we know it in pop culture

Rose Mackenberg (1892 - 1968) - Houdini's Secret Weapon

Mary Hyre - the journalist behind John Keel's mothman news from Point Pleasant.

Plus many more are covered in the show!  If you get a chance to see Allison give this talk she's an engaging speaker and one of the most upbeat people we've met.
Allison on Twitter.
Allison on Facebook. 

She's started a web series to highlight all the women in this presentation.